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 Class Descriptions

Yoga Basics:

This Class is in support of the the whole being!
Yoga for wellness, mind + body + spirit!
We’ll laugh a little and experience joy while learning new ways to move the body and discovery of our practice together.

*This is a playful and accepting class for everyone.

Vinyasa Foundations:

This class is designed to teach and create a safe & accessible environment for students to learn and realign to the beauty of a vinyasa flow practice.
We will focus of the foundational yoga poses which support vinyasa flow and build sequences around the vinyasa transition.
Variations of poses will be provided to enhance everyones specific needs & personal experience.
The use of props are available and will be recommended thru-out the class.

Please inform your instructor of any injuries*

Off the Wall ®

Giving Tree Yoga and Wellness has designed this unique asana class for all of our yogis and yoginis.
Class is set at the wall for grounding and for foundation.  This building block offers more awareness in our postures.  The wall offers physical alignment, balance and additional knowledge while students learn to engage the proper muscle groups to build and sustain various yoga practices.

Gentle Morning Flow:

A wonderful class for those who enjoy a morning stretch and a more gentle approach to their yoga practice.
Students will have options to work at their own pace and encouraged to explore their practice by listening to the needs of their mind/body connection.

May or Chair can be used

Gentle Kundalini Restorative:

This class leads you through gentle kriyas, restorative postures and meditations to strength and support the body’s ability to heal. Each class also includes a relaxing ;shavasana.
Kundalini Yoga is yoga for your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each class uses breath, yoga asanas and kriyas to strengthen the nervous, glandular, and muscular systems of the body. Every class concludes with meditation, mantra and a full deep relaxation which includes music.  This is an all levels class and is welcoming to beginners, students with injuries and students who are pregnant.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, for your Radiance:

Kundalini yoga focuses on breath and movement and challenges its students both physically and mentally where ever they are on their journey (be it a complete beginner or a life long student).
Each class uses breath, yoga asanas and kriyas to strengthen the nervous, glandular, and muscular systems of the body. Classes then conclude with a full deep relaxation and meditation. Unleash and unlock barriers within yourself!

All level of students are welcome to this class.

Sweet Stretch:

A mashup of classical yin yoga & super sweet, flowy movement followed by some long holds will offer you both deep stretch, movement and relaxation.

*All levels are welcomed
*Pre-natal Supportive
*This class is open and available to all students.

Liquid Chill ®:

A gentle & relaxing practice to nurture the mind & body.  Cultivate peaceful connection thru gentle yoga warm ups, some yin postures and juicy restorative postures.

Essential Oils and loving assists will be incorporated.
You will leave restored, refreshed & renewed.
A perfect practice to wind down your day & your week.

*pre-natal supportive

Chair Yoga:

This unique yoga style teaches the student ways to adapt yoga positions and poses through creative use of a chair. Poses are done seated on the chair or the chair is used for support during standing and balance poses. The chair allows for greater stability to help you feel supported and safe. Poses are modified so that even those with health restrictions, decreased range of motion, and physical challenges, can enjoy the benefits of a more traditional practice. Emphasis will be on breathing, balance, and taking things at your own pace. Chair Yoga is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and physical conditions, beginners are welcomed.

Earth – Core – Meridian Flow:

Our energetic bodies can glow brightly. While your own choice to rest is encouraged, this strong flowing class has a focus on undulating from our deep core line, which builds heat and length in the body while moving our postures and breath through our meridians, in the optimal flow for chi to travel through; to ignite our light body. Chakras are often a focus as well, as we move an earth-core-vinyasa way of lightening up from the inside out!!! Examples of how these principles can be applied in real life are also weaved in and throughout this active practice. Through breath work, sometimes some chanting, and the law of attraction, we bring some joy into our bodies and visions for our lives. Nourishment and nurturing in your own choices of modifying and rest are often offered as well. We access and grow or deep core, and therefore our authentic selves.

Elemental Flow:

In this class, we will will build our vinyasa sequences around the 5 elements which will remind us and inspire us to live in rhythm with nature.
Both Solar and Lunar practices will be introduced depending upon the moon cycles and the time of year.
We will practice Ritual & Ceremony while honoring the sacred space within and which we hold for our community.
Suzanne creates these classes intuitively, however, deeply inspired by the teachings of Shiva Rea*

Float & Flow:

This dynamic vinyasa class will inspire all students to move lightly and powerfully from their center.
There will be opportunities to build postures from the ground up during this fun and playful vinyasa journey!

Buddha Barre ®:

Giving Tree’s Best Kept Secret!
Let’s spice it up with this super fun, high energy core fusion class with a great play list to keep you moving towards the Friday finish line…
Build awareness while toning, lengthening and  strengthening long, lean muscles in a safe, non-competitive and yogic environment.
A combination of ballet barre techniques, yoga and mat pilates will carry us into the weekend.

Students will be reminded to take care of themselves by working at their own pace and proper alignment will be supported.

*Lower Body Focus, Abdominals, Pelvic Floor and Lumbar Spine
*pre & post natal supportive

Suzanne’s formative years as a dancer has inspired and shaped the format & choreography for this class.
Influences: The Lotte Berk Method, Bar Method and Core Power Yoga, Ellen from Crunch NYC!

SOUL~ar Power ®:

Build Natural Heat in this Sun drenched class and connect deeply to your Power Center.
This movement and breath inspired practice encourages us to access our breath as the bridge between postures.  We’ll flow to warm the body and then transition towards holding postures a little longer so that we can formulate deeper relationship with where we land in that moment.

SOUL~ar Power + ®:

Build Natural Heat in this Sun drenched class and connect deeply to your Power Center.
A vinyasa flow class, with a unique emphasis on core strengthening, toning, and stretching. A strong core helps create better posture, can prevent and alleviate low back pain, and helps you connect to your core body.

*students should be practicing injury free