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Community for Karma

Seva translates as “self-less work” or service in the ways of community support.
It is an action from heart center.

Our privilege as a community based wellness center is to deepen our connection with our community and surrounding cities as well as partake in Global Activism for a peaceful way of life.

As an extension of Giving Tree Yoga & Wellness, please practice Seva with me thru Community for Karma.  A growing branch* of our Wellness Center.
Community for Karma allows for space to initiate service for local organizations and vulnerable populations who can benefit from our love and intentions to help and to heal.

Some of you know of my Jewish Heretige and my loving connection to this form of prayer and tradition.
In Judaism, we offer Tzadakah, or charity.  We learn the practice at a very young age and are invited in our Jewish communities to partake in various forms of Tzadakah.  For example, planting trees for and in Israel.
This is a practice that I have been honoring for 40 some odd years.  Parts of the reason Giving Tree Yoga has been given it’s name.  We are sweetly rooted in tradition.

Thru this mission, I wish to encourage your cultivation and awareness of global activation (in one way or another), we will  journey towards oneness and open our hearts to love human-kind MORE.


How to Get Involved!:

We are collecting healthy non perishables and other items for Pegasus House of Lawrence, MA.   Pegasus House is a sober house for woman ages 18-22 that we have “adopted” to care for, provide for and to nurture in the ways of nourishment and kindness.
Please feel free to donate at any time!
In addition, I enjoy regular visits with the woman at Pegasus House.  If you are interested in joining me, sharing a story, a lesson or just some time, I would love to have you along.
Email me to learn of future dates.

In partnership and with deep respect for grassroots group leader for Hup Topology, Giving Tree Yoga and Wellness will hold space for local woman and their loved ones of sexual violence.  We offer a complimentary & holistic based peer support group on Wednesday afternoons at 1pm.
To learn more, Please inquire with Jaqueline at
Visit the web site:
* This group supports confidentiality and the privacy of all woman who choose to participate.

Please share with those who may be searching for a community of woman to share with, heal with, hold space for and he held.
Thank you for your loving support.

I have so many to thank along this path for providing me the opportunity to be a part of such missions and for helping me to keep the doors open during times of darkness and despair.  I have many more to thank for showing me love & guidance.  Without these important connections and loving supports,  days would be gray and putting one foot in front of the other would be a challenge…
Let’s be reminded together.
With gratitude, thank you to all!

With love,