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“I love the community that I have become a part of at Giving Tree Yoga and Wellness. I honestly plan my days around going to yoga because I love it there so much. As a recent college graduate transitioning into a new stage in my life, yoga has offered me a point of stability. I feel stronger and more flexible both physically and emotionally. Each practice at Giving Tree teaches me something new, not only about yoga but also about myself and life. When I leave the yoga studio, I feel I am leaving with a new lesson and a little more positive energy for myself and to share with others.”
Nicole Paddock

“Giving Tree has become an amazing part of my life & heart- the “go to place” for me to grow in mind, body & spirit. I am taking a variety of classes, which focus on different practices of yoga, and my instructors are uniformly outstanding- incredible knowledge of yoga overall, as well as amazing way of connecting with their students. I’m quite a bit older than most of the students, but don’t feel any less encouraged to grow deeper into my practice of yoga, and my teachers have all made the effort to establish a personal connection with me. Aside from regular classes, the workshops offered by Giving Tree are incredible- i have learned how to use yin yoga to help with my athletic training, experienced the connection between music and yoga, and learned about  Ayurveda medicine. Overall, Giving Tree is about unconditional love- of yoga practice, of the Divine and love and respect for all individuals inside & outside the walls of the studio.”

” Giving Tree Yoga and Wellness is a sanctuary from the stress of everyday life. The wide variety of classes help each student practice skills to improve the health of the mind, body and spirit. The best part of Giving Tree is Suzanne herself. She is a brilliant yoga teacher who radiates warmth and kindness.”
Gail Sullivan